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"I absolutely love working with Megan! She holds the perfect container for me to process my thoughts and heal in.  Her attentive listening skills, deep empathy and compassion has supported me in gaining the clarity and awareness that I was seeking.  I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking for clarity, personal growth and healing; she is truly a blessing to the world." Lynn G.

"I sought Megan's help when I was feeling stuck and unsure of the next move in my life.  I have been long fascinated by Tarot and trusted Megan to guide me.  She carefully explained what each card represented and then helped me tie it into my current situation.  I had been contemplating going to graduate school  and I'll never forget her pulling a card and telling me she saw lots of books in my future.  Fast forward a year later and I'm in grad school for social work, a field I've wanted to pursue for 30 years. I just needed the nudge to move forward.  Megan is calm, grounding, and gave me the confidence to take the leap.  I highly recommend her to guide you on your own path!"  Jen K.

"Megan is a perceptive and knowledgeable coach - and I have benefited greatly from working with her.  Among many things, it stood out to me just how present she was during our sessions, and how much subject-matter knowledge she had to support on the coaching journey. I'm grateful for our time together, there's a new level of awareness that has arisen." Dipa S.


I recently started a Substack Publication where I'm sharing my experiences as a 'witchy suburban housewife navigating special need's parenting without any wine'  Feel free to subscribe if this interests you.

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