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As a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a Tarot Reader, I'm committed to supporting women on their intuitive wellness journeys and helping them discover joy and peace amongst all the mess and chaos that we call life.


A little about me... I live in a small beach town with my husband, our two children and our dog, Luna.  We have a highly sensitive preteen (Pisces) daughter and a unique seven-year old (Aquarius) son who was born with an extra chromosome.  My daughter is not the only highly sensitive soul in the household, I'm a Scorpio sun and moon.  Luckily, I married a hard-working and grounded Capricorn.  My sensitivities have resulted in a host of chronic health conditions throughout my life including back pain, allergies, asthma, migraines etc...  I visited many doctors and specialist in hopes of a diagnosis and a magic pill but never found one.  I did, however, learn to honor my sensitivities and tune into the messages my body is sending.  What I have is an overactive nervous system that needs consistent reassurance that all is well.  For my coaching, I offer Intuitive Wellness for sensitive souls that want to calm their bodies and quiet their minds in order to experience a long-lasting sense of safety and peace.  I also offer Tarot/Astrology sessions with the intention of helping my clients tap into their own intuition to find the guidance they seek.  I use the tarot in the form of a visual meditation to tap into subtle messages from the body and soul.  

To unwind and have fun, I study the tarot and astrology, write in my journal, listen to podcasts, take daily long walks and spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.  One of my favorite activities is sitting on the beach at sunset pulling cards and chatting with my girlfriends; hence the name Waves, Cards, and Stars.   

Megan Honeysett


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