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As a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a Tarot Reader, I'm committed to supporting women on their wellness journeys and helping them discover joy and purpose amongst all the mess and chaos that we call life.


I coach women on a variety of different health and wellness related goals including how to navigate an Alcohol-Free lifestyle.  I set a goal to become a non-drinker before my 40th birthday because I had a strong inner knowing that alcohol was doing more harm than good to my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  It was the best decision for my health, however, I found myself in a strange cohort of the AF population; no physical dependence on wine and no obvious 'problem' and, yet, navigating my new sober life was surprisingly difficult and isolating.  I now privately coach women embarking on their own health journey.  It's been an unexpected and wild ride and I'm truly grateful that I made my personal health and wellness a non-negotiable in my life.  If you're sober curious or sober serious (have already committed to long-term sobriety), I'm here if you need additional support and guidance.  

As for my witchy side, I have been reading and studying the mysteries, symbols, and archetypes represented in the Tarot since I was a teenager.  I do not identify as a psychic or a medium, I simply offer my interpretation of the cards and I hold space for the thoughts and emotions that arise during our time together.  I offer Tarot + Coaching sessions and I also weave the Tarot into my sober coaching with my client's permission.  I'm well versed in Astrology as well... I'm a Scorpio sun and moon with a Libra rising and an HD Projector.  What are you?  If you don't know, let's find out!  


Right now, my most important role is being a healthy and present mom.  I live in a small beach town with my husband and our two children.  We have a highly sensitive preteen daughter and a unique seven-year old son who was born with an extra chromosome.  To unwind and have fun, I watch Bravo, listen to podcasts, take long walks and spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.  One of my favorite activities is sitting on the beach at sunset pulling cards and chatting with my girlfriends; hence the name Waves, Cards, and Stars.   

My WIG (Wildly Improbable Goal) is to live past 100.   I want to be there for my family, especially my son who requires extra love and support, for as long as humanly possible.  This is my WHY and discovering yours is an essential piece of the wellness puzzle.  My coaching style is compassionate and non-judgmental and I offer a variety of tools and support to help you stay committed and motivated on your personal wellness journey.  

Megan Honeysett


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