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"When I started working with Megan, I was a 'gray area drinker' and my relationship with alcohol felt fraught with shame. For me it wasn't the amount I drank, but the frequency that concerned me. Booze had crept its way into my life in a way that felt unhealthy. For example: Drinking a daily glass or two of wine, alone, to ease my anxiety. With Megan's expert and non-judgmental support, I was able to experience 3 months of sobriety while deeply inventorying my reasons for drinking, as well as my many motivations to find a better way. It was revelatory! I now feel empowered to choose what is aligned with my true self.  For years, I sensed my desire to reclaim my agency around drinking, and the work I did with Megan was my ticket to freedom!"  

Caitlin D.

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